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    Balloon Animals

    Children just can’t resist balloons, can they? They’re fun and with Billy, about as colourful as you can get.

    It’s Fun It’s New It’s Great. It’s Easy To Do. Learn how to make balloon models such as Casper the Ghost, penguin, sword, dog, bumblebee etc. with this kit.

    The set includes all the balloons,pump and full instructions for this fun and exciting pastime.

    Learn how to create your own colourful and fun balloon designs.

    Make your own balloon world by inflating and twisting the modelling balloon. Use the items in the kit to really bring your balloon animal to life.

    Ideal for rainy day activities or for children and adults to have fun time together with.

    The Billy Biscuit Balloon Modelling Kit makes a fantastic present for any fun-loving boy or girl!


    Billy Biscuit ‘Magic Children Can Do’ DVD

    On this DVD you will be given the first steps to enter a magical world ! You will learn how to amaze and entertain your family and friends with these amazing feats of wonder.

    There are many magical effects and fantastic tricks you will learn from this DVD including the famous ‘Cups and Balls,how to make a cup float in the air and amazing card tricks.

    Everything is used with everday items found around the home.

    Running Time:40 Minutes


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