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    1. Tie a bunch of balloons to the front door; it guides guests to the party house and sets the mood.

    2. Save squeakers, hats, blowers and balloons for the end or they could spoil the party! Hang the balloons up (out of reach) and give one to each child as a going home present. Don’t leave them on the floor (they won’t last long)!

    3. Ballooning animals! A brilliant addition to the party bag, ask Billy to make a balloon animal for each child, at a small additional charge. These are a nice accompaniment to the Billy Biscuit party bags and make a great treat at the end of the party.

    4. Get a BIG cardboard box and, as the children arrive, put the presents that they bring safely into the box so that they may be opened AFTER THE PARTY.  This way you will know who brought what, so that thank you letters can be sent.  This also ensures that nothing gets lost or broken.

    5. Seating the children around a table to eat in another room is always preferable because you isolate the food and drink in one area.

    6. Don’t serve ice-cream, sweets or other refreshments once the magic show has begun it’s asking for trouble!  Most of the food will end up on your carpet and sticky fingers will get everywhere.

    7. Billy NEVER runs outdoor parties however, you might find it more convenient to feed the children in the garden should the weather be warm and dry.

    8. Castles in the air! If you have hired a bouncy castle, let it down before Billy’s entertainment starts: well, if one child goes off for a bounce, all the other children will follow!

    9. Be an early bird! Avoid a clash with a classmate whose party might fall on the same day so get your party invites out in good time.

    10. Get parents in the know! Billy likes to get set up before the children have been invited,so he can greet them as they arrive,so please put the times that he has been engaged for on the invitations.

    11. When you want Billy to return for another party, he will present a different show.

    12. Parents and other adults are very welcome to watch the children's show providing that they sit at the back and behave themselves!!!

    12a. Please keep pets such as dogs, cats, crocodiles! etc in a separate room, as they can be rather disruptive or frightening to some children.

    Magician and Children's Entertainer for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

    Billy works in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire including:- Grantham, Grimsby, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Bradford, Hull, Doncaster and Harrogate and surrounding areas as a popular children's entertainer and magician.

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