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    Jul 10, 2013

    For the past few years I have been entertaining passengers on the world’s luxury cruise liners. This is of course a dream job and I have travelled to many places including the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

    I only perform about four 45min Magic Shows during a 3 or 4 week cruise so there is plenty of time to watch all the other shows and meet up with other entertainers. When entertainers get together we can talk about our experiences of our shows on land and at sea. We can also learn from talking to and watching other entertainers.

    May 29, 2013

    Now the summer has almost arrived ! it is the time for me to be busy with fetes and fundays. This will include a lot of outdoor shows with my famous Punch and Judy show.

    The show is full of fun and comedy and the traditional slapstick routines. I have had many comments from parents who have said they have enjoyed the show as much, if not more than the children ! This is because it has bought back many happy memories of their childhood when they watched the show at seaside resorts and private parties.

    Apr 4, 2013

    For many years I have specialised in shows for the very young. I devised a show that was suitable for this age as I discovered that my shows which were suitable for the 5-8 year old children did not work for the under 5s as there was too much to follow. I came up with ‘The Nursery Rhyme Show’ and developed magic routines around popular characters.

    Mar 4, 2013

    March 4th 2013

    Over the past few years magic has become increasingly popular with TV magicians Derren Brown and more recently Dynamo. Children and adults are always entertained with magic and most of them sit back and enjoy the show. At the moment I am asked by more of my audience ‘how do you do it’ ! as a member of The Magic Circle I am not allowed to give any of our secrets away.

    Feb 4, 2013
    When I was a child, many years ago now ! the most I could expect for my birthday was a couple of friends to be invited to my house for jelly and ice-cream. I would of course receive presents from my parents and relatives but it was nothing like today’s children’s birthday parties.

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